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Breakup Pizza in Detroit

This is a trip that I had recently visiting my one of a kind friend Melissa in Detroit. As usual, the universe greeted us with a plethora of catastrophes, and in our usual fashion, we laughed them off.

It started out like this...I didn't document in photographs this part, but I traveled from East Lansing to Detroit, and was about 12 miles away from Melissa's apartment, when the "Fox Home Builders" work van that I was driving decided it's fuel pump wanted to give out at 11 pm in 21 degree weather. So when the van completely shut down on the highway, I coasted off to the side and called AAA and Melissa. The super awesome part was waiting for an hour with no heat until the tow guy arrived. Melissa's dad was so generous enough to drive to me and give me a ride to her place after the van was towed. However, despite this mishap, when I arrived finally at her place around 1 am, she greeted me and we just laughed about the "never a dull moment" moments that seem to always happen when we're together. That was just the tip of the iceberg though as to what was coming ahead....

The title of this blog is "Breakup Pizza" and there's a reason for that. We not only had pizza, but we also had to break up with Melissa's boyfriend, because a visit to see your BFF wouldn't be complete without a breakup would it?! Most people are generally pretty sad about impending breakups, but we once again, just laughed it off. Because if the guy you're dating is going to neglect you and not show you respect, then you get by with a little help from your friends and have the best week ever. I guess that's what happens when someone neglects you; they give you nothing to miss and open your world to fully enjoy the people and beauty around you.

We had good times - homecooked meals by yours truly (since when did I become domesticated?), cocktails for when my "wifey" got home from a long day of property accounting, chillin with Calvin her cuddly (albeit suuuuper lazy) cat, and visiting other lovely friends.

One of these other lovely friends I was delighted to visit was Angie. She and I hadn't seen eachother in 5 years. 5 flippen years! We met my very last year of college, we traveled to Ireland, and then just as quickly as we became friends, I moved to Los Angeles. But the measure of a good friendship is being able to pick up as if time hasn't stopped, and we did just that. We were back to our usual silly selves as we sat at Panera and caught each other up. So silly in fact, that we caused the poor guy sitting next to us to move to the other corner of the cafe. Haha. Whoops.

All in all, a great visit to the D, and I'd go through all the troubles again, because the good times always far outweigh the bad, and give great stories to boot :)

Exhibit A: THE Breakup Pizza (and cocktails)

Below: ANGIE!!! :)

Lastly, these flavors just made me happy.

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